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For 2013, we will be publishing in February, April, June, August, October, and December. So if you want to submit something, we'll need it at least a month before that.


Right now we are especially looking for CD and book reviewers, and stories or tips about more underground and/or 'diverse' Southern culture--especially relating to the arts, food, and lifestyle. So if you think of anything, please send it to submissions@realsouthmagazine.com. Thank you kindly!





REAL SOUTH Magazine accepts fiction, poetry, articles, essays, book and CD reviews, recipes, photography, and artwork. The work must be original and not previously published elsewhere.


Articles and essays must of course feature authentic people, places or any of the many diverse cultural aspects of the American South. Profiled persons must be from the South, living in the South or very strongly associated with Southern culture. We are especially interested in articles about Southern musicians, writers, artists, Southern art galleries, Southern places to visit (not too touristy), and Southern restaurants. The restaurant is ideally a mom-&-pop place or a beloved local institution--no chains or tourist traps. We will also consider compelling articles about Southern bars or nightclubs. It is a big plus to offer professional-quality photographs with your article. (See photography submission requirements below.) Please include the photographer's name and contact information.


Fiction must be 7,000 words maximum and have some bearing on Southern culture or lifestyle. It doesn't necessarily have to be set in the South as long as there is still a strong sense of Southern identity. The author must be from the South, living in the South or at least have lived in the South at some point. The same goes for poetry, with a 2-page maximum. Please include a brief bio of the writer, and a small headshot if possible.


We accept only positive reviews of Southern books, e-books, anthologies, music CDs, and box sets that have been released or reissued within the past year, ideally within the last few months or are about to be released. We especially favor releases from indie record labels, small presses, university presses, and the artists or writers themselves. We also accept books and CDs for review, and prefer digital submissions whenever possible. We cannot guarantee a review or return submitted items. If you are sending physical copies, the mailing address is P.O. Box 201145, Austin, TX 78720-1145.


We accept recipes and food-related articles for each issue's food section. Recipes must be your own original recipe or a restaurant's recipe used with permission. Please include the restaurant's contact information. We also accept short sidebar articles featuring iconic Southern foods or drinks, especially if accompanied by a quality photograph of the item.


All text submissions must be in a digital format such as a Word .doc, .rtf or .txt attached to an e-mail message sent to submissions@realsouthmagazine.com. Be sure to include your name and contact information in the file. Please allow at least 2-3 weeks for us to process your submission and get back to you.


Photography and artwork must be original and submitted in a high-resolution digital format such as .psd, .pdf, .jpg, or .tif attached to an email message containing the artist or photographer's contact information. If it is a photo of a physical piece of artwork, please include the artwork's dimensions and medium. We favor subject matter that is essentially Southern, but it's not an absolute requirement. Some nudity is OK as long as it's reasonably tasteful and artistic. The photographer or artist must be from the South, living in the South or at least have lived or traveled extensively in the South. Please include a brief bio of the artist or photographer and a small headshot if possible.


We totally understand about simultaneous submissions. Just please notify us promptly if your submission is no longer available.


We pay what little we can negotiate on acceptance,  and after publication we will also provide a free download link to the issue containing your work, as well as a screen-resolution .pdf of your work. You may of course post that .pdf on your own website as long as it's credited to REAL SOUTH Magazine, and we'd really love it if you could include a link to realsouthmagazine.com.


All published material is automatically eligible for inclusion in an annual e-book featuring the best of REAL SOUTH Magazine. If your work appears in the e-book, you will receive a free copy.


If you have any further questions, please email Lisa Gouveia at lisa@realsouthmagazine.com.


Thank you!





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