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After a few delays and some reworking, our fourth issue is finally out now. Enjoy!





The February issue is up, just in time for Mardi Gras!



The November/December issue is finally up! Here's the link:



Our Premiere Issue is finally here! Check it out!



We passionately love life in the Southern U.S. in all its creative, soulful glory. We're especially proud of the South's continuing contributions to the arts, especially music and literature. So we want to turn you on to the best authentic art, music, and writing the South has to offer, especially the REAL stuff, the lesser known, under-the-radar stuff. Stuff from indie record labels, small presses, mom-and-pop cafes, industry outsiders, artisans, small-town festivals, rising stars as well as some obscure gems from the past. We also love Southern food, and want to show you the best places to find the real down-home stuff. And even how to make it yourself. Then there are the unforgettable people, the places, the culture, and so much more that makes life in the South so deeply rich and fulfilling. We want to serve you a big ol' bi-monthly helping of digital soul food.


Each issue of REAL SOUTH Magazine comes packed with book and CD reviews; profiles of Southern artists, writers, musicians, and personalities; fiction and poetry from emerging new talents; and a featured Southern food, with recommendations where to find it and how to cook it...and so much more!


Every year we will issue special edition e-books: the best of the year's fiction, and the best of the food features, with extra recipes and tips. In 2013 we hope to issue a special guide to Southern festivals and county fairs.


We hope you'll join us.



We are always seeking freelance writers and columnists to cover a variety of Southern topics such as interesting subcultures, visual arts, food, the spoken word scene, and many different genres of music. What's your thing?


To submit your work to REAL SOUTH Magazine, please attach it to an e-mail message addressed to submissions@realsouthmagazine.com. Please read our submission guidelines here.

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